Believer BELIEVERS have mysterious spiritual powers. They’re an optional character class – part of a set which also includes the Survivor, Security Guard, Medic and Test Subject.

Special rules

Believers have two special powers:

Repel zombies: …which you do by chanting prayers, singing hymns, quoting scripture, and generally putting on a noisy display of religious fervour. If you’re standing still and facing toward the zombies while doing this, the zombies won’t dare approach. But you have to keep talking (or singing) on a religious theme. It can be from any denomination or religion you want, but the effect ends as soon as you run out of material. Believers are a class for players who are good at the theatrics or have memorised dozens of hymns from their childhoods.

Final curse: Believers can perform a suicidal weapons-grade exorcism on creatures that are about to kill them. If you’re a Believer and you think you’re about to die, you can shout “The Lord strike you down!” – which will have a devastating effect on any zombies nearby. Other more dangerous creatures may also be affected by it. When you use this ability, you die instantly too.


A pistol or a small melee weapon. Plus as many crucifixes, rosaries, nails from the True Cross, lucky rabbits’ feet, voodoo poppets, hymn sheets, and books of Ancient Babylonian ritual magic as you can carry. (We do have props for some of this stuff. None of it is any use as weaponry, but a few nasty creatures may be affected by some of it.)


Believers are a mysterious bunch. Many of them are ordinary people who have strong religious convictions (or fake it because the zombies can’t tell the difference). Some are monks or nuns who have always suspected that the outside world is this fucked-up. And others are local priests who have gone off the deep end by being forced to cull their infected congregations. There are even rumours of some sort of secret “Occult Task Force” which sends military-grade field exorcists to clean up paranormal hazards.

Character classes
Survivor Security Guard Medic! Believer Test Subject